Everyone has questions about the dentist. In this section are some of the most common things we’re asked about dental and denture services, as well as some helpful tips.

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When should I bring my child in for their first visit?

We recommend that by 3 years old your child should be seen by a dentist. This is just a guideline. If you see something unusual or have a concern, bring your child in sooner.

Do you provide Nitrous or Oral Sedation?

We do not provide Nitrous. However, all of our dentists are trained in Oral Sedation. We often use Oral Sedation for adults with dental anxiety or a gag reflex.

Do I really need to see my dentist every 6 months? Do I need x-rays every 6 months?

Yes. We like to see our patients every 6 months to ensure optimal dental care.

Should I be using fluoridated toothpaste with my child?

Yes. Although it is often said that you should not use this with young kids in case they swallow it, the chances of them swallowing enough to cause damage or fluorosis is rare. It is more important to use the fluoridated toothpaste to prevent cavities in baby teeth. Use a small amount- about half a pea size, and teach them how to spit.

What system of Teeth Whitening is provided at your office?

At our office, we send patients home with a whitening kit. We find that systems such as ZOOM whitening cause lots of sensitivity for patients because all the whitening occurs in one session. With the at-home kit results are achieved at a slower rate resulting in less sensitivity. We can also offer the whitening kit at a cheaper price if the treatments aren’t done in our office. We only charge $199 for Teeth whitening. Most Zoom whitening sessions can cost upwards of $500. We also offer two systems, one you use while you sleep at night and one you use two times a day for half an hour. Please see our Teeth Whitening page for more info.

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